OLS February Frenzy

Welcome to the 2015 February Frenzy!

On behalf of our pastor, Msgr. Robert E. Emery and our principal, Sr. Judith Blair, Our Lady of Sorrow’s welcomes you to the 2015 February Frenzy, our 41st anniversary of the longest running grammar school Basketball Tournament in New Jersey. Our tournament is based on good Christian sportsmanship emphasizing fairness, respect and a sense of fellowship for your competitor.

The February Frenzy Basketball Tournament was started in 1974 by an OLS parent, Butch Larkin and little did he know that 41 years later it would be considered the marquee Catholic grammar school basketball tournament in New Jersey.

This year the February Frenzy is being sponsored by legendary Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Hurley Sr. of St. Anthony's High School, who is generously donating tickets to three of his basketball camps.